We dedicate this page to the memory of our board member, treasurer, supporter and friend:

Mark T. McCullagh

May your heart find peace and light in your final rest.

KFK Jr. Scholarship Board Members

Joseph Kennelly, sr


Jack Ragen

Vice President

Mario LoVerde



Stephanie Vlamis

Social Affairs

Kevin Gill                  

Chairman Emeritus

Loretta Kennelly


Scholarship Coordinator

Meg Kennelly Carr

Web Design

Allison Cunniff


Karen Hoey


Judy Millerick

Tom Butler

Danny Thompson

Jack Lydon

Ann McCullagh

KFK Jr. Scholarship Event Chairs

White Sox Outing, Chair

Jack Ragen

Kristen Meyer

White Sox Outing, Co-Chair

Golf Outing, Chair

Mario LoVerde

Jack Millerick

Golf Outing, Co-Chair

Golf Outing, Co-Chair

Anne BesT

Jack O'Connell

Softball Tournament, Chair

Softball Tournament, Co-Chair

Courtney Owens

Softball Tournament, Co-Chair

Pete AmRaen

Sox Tailgate, Chair

Timmy Campbell

Sox Tailgate, Co-Chair

Carolyn Hughes

T Shirts & Products Chair

Gavin Grant

Auxiliary Board Members